Code Cleaning, Roadmap and new Demo Song

With distortion and bitcrusher effects landed I have determined that the time is right for a revision and cleanup of some of the code in Sputter. The outcome of that will be easier to maintain code, so that new features and improvements can be made quicker and better. As a part of that I have also planned making several optimizations so Sputter will run better on older and cheaper devices, as well as reducing audio output latency. The latter will also pave way for potential “live” playing and recording in the future, for example an on-screen keyboard or drum pad.


Typically the roadmap of any application will be dynamic to some degree, no matter how hard one tries not to, but as it stands this is what I project will happen going forward:

  1. Code cleanup and optimizations.
  2. Revise UI layout to allow for portrait mode.
  3. Some sort of free gateway/demo of Sputter.

New Song!

Sometimes I actually get the opportunity to use Sputter. Eating your own dogfood is an excellent way of getting to feel the shortcomings and potential improvements of a product. Besides, I made Sputter because I enjoy making music, and having something pocketable at least gives me the chance sometimes even if I am a pretty busy guy.

It is called “Invasive Species”, and can also be downloaded for remixing or whatever you may wish to do with it.