Preview: Latency Compensation

Today further progress has been made with smooth movement of the playhead, so that it is now possible to have it working with a fixed and hard coded latency compensation. Take a look at the following video, where the app is playing on a bluetooth speaker. Compare the playhead in the grid (left) and the playhead on the pattern (right) to the timing of the audio:

This seems like a big improvement over the current version.

There is still more work to be done. One is rather simple, which is refactoring the app to using the new playhead system. Second, the app should be able to detect the latency of bluetooth speakers and/or other playback systems. It should also detect changes in latency, which can occur for example when the user changes to and from using bluetooth speakers. Finally, there should be a manual setting for playback latency, in case automatic detection does not work adequately or at all.

It will probably be some weeks before all of this is ready for release, but I might be able to release a beta with just smooth playhead movement relatively shortly, and full automatic latency detection some time after that.