Note Properties Progress

Finally I had the opportunity to work with the improved note properties functionality previously described. This is what I have achieved so far:

Current progress

There now is a visual representation of wether or not a note is retriggered, which will hopefully make them easier to use as well as more obvious what they do. Also, the color of the notes will be lighter on notes with lower velocity. These changes will make it unnecessary to open the note properties to inspect the velocity and retrigger status of a note. Best of all, it will be possible to select and operate on more than one note at a time, which has been a major niggle of mine.

Unfortunately I have decided not to implement variable velocity during playing of notes in this instance. The reason is that what I assume would be the most frequent use case for non-retriggered notes would become more cumbersome. At the same time I don’t really see a pressing need to adjust velocity of a single note during playback. Per-note automation might be back in the future, in particular I am interested in varying the pitch of a single note which is being done in many great songs.

There will probably be more progress on this next week, and I will keep you posted!