Overlapped/Seamless Looping

Lately I have been putting the C++ rewrite of the sequencer logic a bit on hold and implemented overlap (or seamless) looping into Spitback, the Pure Data patch responsible for playing sounds in Sputter.

As can be seen in the video below, this will make it vastly easier to make looped instrument presets in Sputter.

When will it arrive in Sputter?

With the technical solution in place, what’s left is to reorganize the UI to accomodate the new functionality and integrate it into Sputter’s code. At this time I am not 100% sure wether to prioritize this or continuing work on the C++ rewrite. Another great improvement could be to have seperate waveforms for each octave, or possibly ranges of notes, instead of just one as it currently stands. This would be highly beneficial for many types of instruments, for example piano.

Will post further updates here as they happen!