Sputter 1.2.0 Released with MIDI Song File Export

The new version 1.2.0 of Sputter is now available on Google Play. This version brings the long awaited MIDI song file export feature, which makes it possible to use Sputter as an on-the-go sequencer in combination with your favourite DAW.

As a part of this the note and octave numbering has been revised. Although it is not always clear what octaves note numbers should correspond to, I think I got it right and in accordance with most widely available MIDI song files I have listened to. It also seems to work well with Ableton Live, Reaper and Bitwig.

It was originally intended to be released shortly after the first beta announcement, but then I got this error report from one of the users on Google Play:

Crash report from Google Play

The programming literates out there will see that this is a crash caused by the user tapping a pattern. It also means that the pattern tapped does not exist, so in some very rare instances there is some discrepancy between the patterns shown in the user interface and the ones which are really there.

Unfortunately I only managed to reproduce this once, and I have not been able to identify the exact steps. I have also dived deep into the source code to try to find what could cause this with no luck so far. If someone can tell me precisely how to reproduce this crash, that would be very valuable.

However, in hunting for this bug I discovered numerous other bugs and glitches which are now fixed. There has also been some slight improvements to the user interface here and there.

Hope you’ll enjoy this release as much as I have making it!