Sputter 1.3.2 Released

I just received notification from Google Play that Sputter 1.3.2 has gone through all security checks and is now live in the store. This release brings several bug fixes and minor usability improvements as well as a new drum kit preset called “Voltage”.

From the developer’s perspective it is the beginning of a major refactoring to allow for optimizations with regards to performance, audio latency and battery usage. This work will be going on for some time, but it will be done in batches and there will be new features dripping in from time to time along the way.

As for noticeable changes in version 1.3.2 there has been improvements to handling of currently playing notes when doing editing operations. For example when you delete a pattern while another one is playing:

Delete pattern while other is playing

Prior to 1.3.2 all notes on the entire track would just stop in such cases. The logic for these situations has been vastly improved, and it makes for an overall more solid user experience.

Hope you’ll have fun with it!