Sputter 1.1.1-alpha1 Released to Internal Testers

After way too long of a development period, I am finally releasing Sputter 1.1.1-alpha1 to internal testers on Google Play. As you already know if you have been reading this blog, this version features a smooth moving playhead as opposed to the current stable version which moves 1/16th at a time. This makes for a much nicer visual look, and allows for forthcoming improved A/V sync.

There will probably be a couple of bugs, but possibly less crashes than on the current stable version. With some luck the only faults you will experience are some minor glitches on the (smoothly moving) playhead when deleting tracks, using the Copy To function, playing with undo etc.

This release is only available to alpha testers. Wanna become one? Pop me an email to support@casualcomputing.info and include the gmail address you use on Google Play.