Sputter 1.1.1-beta2 (and beta1) Released

Sputter 1.1.1-beta1 was released today. Within hours I discovered several bugs which I was able to fix, so I uploaded an additional beta2. At the time of writing beta2 is still under review by Google Play, but I assume it will be available shortly.

The plan for me going forward is to attempt to make another demo tune and video. The smoothly moving playhead indicator brings a quite improved look and feel to the app, so this should be showcased in the video on the Google Play product page. Another good reason for taking a break from coding to make music is being able to proper beta test the app myself. It is amazing how many bugs float to the surface only when actually using the app as opposed to just testing specific features.

Expect a new stable release within a few weeks, and probably a new demo tune and a handful of new instrument presets in the app!