Developing With an Audience

Development of Sputter has gone on in my spare time over the last seven years or so. Before that I was working on Vibrafun, Kalimba, and a couple of other apps, soon totaling to ten years of development.

All these years I kept development to myself and a couple of friends and family until the “big day” of release. Posting on my blog and to social media was not prioritized and usually only (hastily) done when something was released.

Now it is time to try something different. My intentions with this blog is to post an update every time something is done. Usually I have one day off from work every week to work on my apps. At the end of that day I will summarize and write about what has been done. This way, anyone who is interested can follow development and give feedback on new ideas as they come to life. Discussion and involvement with the community as development happens is what I am striving for.

Just for kicks I will show you one of the first mockups which were made in the beginning of developing Sputter. Had I been wise enough to set up this blog already then, this is the type of thing I might have posted and received feedback on.

Early Sputter mockup