Improved Note Properties

If you longpress a note in the grid editor of Sputter, you are presented with options for note length, velocity and retriggering:

Current note properties

The current implementation has several downsides:

So with this in mind, I designed a mockup:

New note properties

The selected notes are now outlined in white as opposed to being overlayed with a lighter color. This makes it possible to visualize velocity with color, for example lighter color for lower velocities.

Instead of notes having a retrigger on/off property, they now have two modes: “Trigger” and “hold”. “Hold” notes just holdes the note if it is already playing, otherwise the note is triggered as normal. This makes it possible to have long continuous notes across patterns and groups.

I have been implementing most of this today, and it will probably be released during next week if all goes well.

Please comment or mail me at if you have any thoughts or ideas regarding this.