Reorganizing Sputter's File Handling

After experiencing the horror of having a user loose all files, I have been considering ways to reorganize the way Sputter handles saving, exporting and importing songs and instruments. With that horror story in mind it seemed obvious that some kind of backup facilities are needed. In the same run it would also be nice to clean up the file handling UI, which for the time being is a bit all over the place.

So the most obvious change is a reworked file menu. This is still a work in progress, but currently looks like this:

Sputter’s new file menu

The “INSTRUMENT” tab is similar:

Sputter’s new file menu

This means that the “SAVE” and “CLEAR” buttons in the instrument editor are no longer needed:

Sputter’s new file menu

So now there is space for a play button on all sub screens of the instrument editor:

Sputter’s new file menu

Instead of having to go to the “Wave” tab to play back the instrument, it will be available all the time while editing an instrument.

This would also be nice to have in the effects editor. To achieve this I have reworked the UI a bit:

Sputter’s new file menu

Some of the buttons (up, down, enable) will be less stationary and smaller, but I think this is a reasonable compromise to allow having the play button available while tweaking the effects of an instrument.

There is also another highly requested feature planned: Highlighting the currently active instrument. Originally there has been no such thing in Sputter, and at some point I had a rather overthunk thought process about it. After revisiting this issue I think I have it boiled down to:

At this point only the UI for the new file menu is actually implemented. Before a release backup system, reworking effects UI and highlighting instruments will also have to be done. There are also some other minor bits and pieces I am planning to do.

Expect a new release with these features sometime during this spring.