Sputter 1.1.1 Released

Finally, after way too much refactoring, experimenting and re-thinking, Sputter 1.1.1 finally went out the door to Google Play today. This release will probably seems quite subtle to most users, with the movement of the playhead indicator being the only visible change. However, this will pave way for better A/V sync with regards to audio latency, which will be tackled in a forthcoming release.

If Sputter is going to live a long and healthy life, it is crucial that a good foundation is layed and we don’t end up with an unrecoverable mess. I realize that some of the code structures used in previous versions were not optimal and actually quite dumb. This was the reasons for several crash reports I have received through Google Play. Starting from version 1.1.1 code quality has been vastly improved, and will be cleaned up further during the next couple of releases.

It has become a routine that whenever I release a “major” version like this, I take my time and compose a proper new tune. This always exposes some overlooked issues, and makes me aware of needed improvements. It might need some further touch-ups, but here is at least a little preview: