Sputter 1.1.4 Released, MIDI Export in the Works

Yesterday Sputter 1.1.4 was made public on Google Play. This release fixes some cringeworthy glitches in the UI, as well as an attempted fix for file export issues.

Additionally I am happy to report that work on MIDI file export has finally begun. This has been a frequently requested feature, and would make Sputter become a decent on-the-go sketching tool for ideas to bring back home to a fully featured DAW.

During (some of) this summer I have set up the code for generating MIDI song files, thanks to some excellent guides. This code is now brought into the Sputter code base, and the first babysteps generating MIDI files have been taken.

Feel free to download the first ever MIDI file exported from Sputter:


Don’t expect much, though. This is just a tempo track with no notes in it. It does, however, contain a few time signature events, and everything seems right as far as I can tell. Next week I’ll be working on bringing the notes in, so expect some more exciting results then!