Sputter 1.4.0 Released

Sputter version 1.4.0 has been uploaded and released on Google Play. It brings sample audio recording, which is quite fun to play around with.

Sputter recording interface

What surpises me is that even with the limited quality phone microphone, when using effects and other tweaks to the sound it can actually sound quite good in a song.

Also quite apparent is the need for a method of tuning the recorded samples. Right now it is possible, but admittedly a bit cumbersome. One user had an interesting proposal and even made this mockup:

Improved tuning method

The play/stop button would be at the top of the instrument panel so it can be reached from any of the instrument screens, and there would be an option for having a reference tone playing.

Will try to implement this possibly in the next release, although the main focus of that will be file safety.

Happy sample recording!