Sputter Announced

Sputter was published to Google Play silently a couple of weeks ago. There was no fanfare and no announcements. This was because there was only a limited number of testers in the alpha and beta stages, and I wanted to catch as many bugs as possible before the “big day”. Today I have notified some relevant news sites, blogs and reddits about its existance. Already, there is a news item up on KVR, and hopefully there will be others too.

On that occasion Sputter will be on sale for $0.99 from June 11 to June 18 on Google Play.

On a less cheerful note I have decided to discontinue the Kalimba app from Google Play. It has some issues on newer versions of Android, and in general it is in need of an overhaul. Given that Casual Computing is mostly a one person operation, there is just not enough time to maintain more than a couple of apps at most. It seems like there are a handful of Kalimba apps on Google Play which covers the functionality of Kalimba quite well.

This might also happen to Vibrafun, but at the moment it seems to work adequately and I will try to keep it floating for some time to come.