Note Properties Postponed... For the Better?

UI design is a complex task, and when you have an idea which seems to make 100% sense while out and about, once you sit down and begin implementing it the devils in the details become clearer. Also, sometimes better options reveal themselves which opens up new possibilities.

As I worked on the new note properties as described in the previous blog post I realised that the velocity value would not make sense on notes which have retrigger off. So I added functionality for a note to adjust its velocity while it is playing. The problem is that in real life scenarios one would probably want velocity changes to be stepless over time, so one can fade individual notes in and out, for example.

So today I have been sketching up an “automation for individual notes”, of sorts, where it would be possible to adjust various parameters stepless over time. In the first iteration it would only support velocity, but it could possibly support other parameters like pitch and pan in a later version.

I can not give any guarantee that it will work at this time, but I will for sure take a stab at it, and report back as I make new findings.

Also, I will be away on holiday for a couple of weeks. Until then, have a nice summer!