Note Properties Postponed... For the Better?

UI design is a complex task, and when you have an idea which seems to make 100% sense while out and about, once you sit down and begin implementing it the devils in the details become clearer. Also, sometimes better options reveal themselves which opens up new possibilities. As I worked on the new note properties as described in the previous blog post I realised that the velocity value would not make sense on notes which have retrigger off.

Improved Note Properties

If you longpress a note in the grid editor of Sputter, you are presented with options for note length, velocity and retriggering: The current implementation has several downsides: The main menu button is obscured, so it is not easy to reach undo, redo, transport controls, etc. Only one note can be selected at a time. Velocity of notes are not visible after you close the dialog. There is no indication on the notes wether or not retrigger is enabled.

Sputter Announced

Sputter was published to Google Play silently a couple of weeks ago. There was no fanfare and no announcements. This was because there was only a limited number of testers in the alpha and beta stages, and I wanted to catch as many bugs as possible before the “big day”. Today I have notified some relevant news sites, blogs and reddits about its existance. Already, there is a news item up on KVR, and hopefully there will be others too.

Developing With an Audience

Development of Sputter has gone on in my spare time over the last seven years or so. Before that I was working on Vibrafun, Kalimba, and a couple of other apps, soon totaling to ten years of development. All these years I kept development to myself and a couple of friends and family until the “big day” of release. Posting on my blog and to social media was not prioritized and usually only (hastily) done when something was released.